Postman 6.0 available

Postman, my preferred tool when it comes to API testing / scripting and automation, announces the release of Postman 6.0.

The new version is already available for download, your Postman app will ask you for an update sometime next week. I use Postman for several years now and I still love it – the first installation on my Windows desktop was the Google Chrome plug-in.

Postman 6.0 primarly introduces workspaces, a collobarative environment for personal use and also for teams. Workspaces related information is available here:

Next, the first Postman user conference is born: POST/CON! POST/CON will be held on Thursday, June 7, 2018 in San Francisco, with a pre-conference Postman certification workshop on June 6. Personally, I’m still hoping there’ll be a similar conference in “old Europe” one day … ;- )

For more Information browse the Postman web site:

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