SD-WAN Center: Central Licensing Issue

In March this year, we ancountered an licensing issue with SD-WAN Center. The latter is used at one of our customer to provide SD-WAN licenses to all the client appliances. Suddenly, when the SD-WAN Center VPX is rebooted, SD-WAN clients loose connectivity to the central licensing server which results in 30 day grace period. DOH!

Between client appliances and the MCNs in the data center, traffic is filtered by a firewall of course. There we see dropped connections as the license server’s vendor port has changed obviously.

Long story short: Helge Brust, a german Citrix PreSales Engineer dived down to the SD-WAN Center’s Linux shell and finally found the cause. Citrix was informed about the issue and so the solution / fix by Helge. Hopefully we get this issue fixed soon … we’ll see.

Update on Sep, 12: at PTEC EMEA 2019 in Vienna, I talked to some Citrix SD-WAN product managers. Just with the release of SD-WAN 10.2.4 firmware, this issue was fixed. But we need to approve it. So stay tuned.

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