Citrix SD-WAN for Home Offices

I’m pretty sure, you’ve heard about those “small” LTE-capable SD-WAN 210 appliances. They are designed for small offices and optionally support direct LTE connection just by pluggin in your provider SIM. Lately, Citrix released another Tech Zone article sponsoring the new SD-WAN 110 SE appliances and positions them for use at our beloved Home Offices – as we are used to work there these crazy days.

Some popular use cases for 110-SE and 210-SE Appliances are:

  • backup your ISP’s internet connection,
  • extend bandwidth available with “classic” DSL or Cable,
  • provide secure uplink to your company’s infrastructure,
  • provide secure connection to your favourite cloud services.

Maybe, I gonna write another article covering the SD-WAN use cases mentioned above. But for now, I’d like to refer to the Citrix Tech Zone article: Citrix SD-WAN for Home Offices. Hav’ phun and stay save all!

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