A Word from the Editor …

We’re experiencing some, well, “strange” times these days – people are worried, children are faced by those “HomeSchooling thing”, we were forbidden to visit our friends … I’m pretty sure, all of you deal with something similar, whereever and whoever you are. It feels like ages when I wrote about that CVE-2019-19781 vulnerability which was thrown on us back in late Dezembre ’19 and heavily in January. Then COVID-19 happened. Not only to Germany (where I am located) or Europe, no – all over the world. Every single person living these days on good, old “Planet Earth” knows what I’m talking about. And every single person call tell hers / his very own story …

BUT, Corona brought some GOOD things though. By the fact companys suddenly were and are forced to send out their (office) workers to the HomeOffice. Meetings needed to get rescheduled in virtual environments – think of video call or web meetings – our mindset changed suddenly.

I heard and read about managers begging for “more tolerance” when it comes to a child or pet “disturbing” exact that important finance meeting. Somebody learned: “Oh yeah, we do NOT even need that mass of meetings. It works anyway”. Others learned, Home Office and remote work indeed works!

That’s POSITIVE things I learned these crazy days. So, heads up, don’t give up and stay save!


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